Because fishy, foods process, chemical industry and ice sale need a large amount of block ice, we design and product the block ice making equipment for these requests.
The block ice was used commonly and demand for block ice is as great today as it ever has been. The chemical, construction industries and fishery process have very great demand on block ice. As the research and development of frozen technology is improved, the block ice making equipment is more effective then before.


The staff's cost can be reduced in simple and easy system flow. Personnel Per Shift: 2 operators, 1 staff and 1 maintenance staff. 4 persons in total are able to run an ice plant.




Ice cans are placed in can grids and moved to beneath the filling tank which fill each can with proper level of pre-cooled water. Potable water must be used to make ice intended for human consumption.


The cans are then hoisted and carried to brine tank and immersed inside.The time required for the water to be frozen varies according to the size of block ice. If the block ice is for edible, we will suggest removing the impurity and bubble contain in water. Air is blown into the center of the can to induce a swirling motion.The causes any impurities and air bubbles in the water to be collected in the center of cans.Prior to finish freezing, this core is removed by a suction pump and replaced with fresh pre-cooled water.


When the ice has completely formed, the grids are lifted up from the brine tank and moved to place in the thawing tank. Using the warm water heats the can, until the ice allowed to be slid out. The block ice is then removed from the can by a can dumper.



*Specification of Block Ice:

* The weight of block ice and ice can dimension can be varied upon request.

Block Ice Storage

Adopt the traditional control method or PLC computer controlling and circuit controller of human-machine interface.The compressor can also adopt several unit parallel. The output can be designed according to the space and customer's request.